View Full Version : Help at Nepal, after the Snow Inside the castle without floor

23rd Jun 2007, 15:10
I'm at the castle, building, a place after the snow, where there are two stair case on each side, and almost no floor down there. What do i have to do there. How do I open the door in the center??? Please help me. I tried almost everything. Cant think of more ways.


23rd Jun 2007, 15:48
Look up.

27th Jun 2007, 16:29
Like Phlip said, Look up. ;)

If you still can't see anything:
There's 3 grapple points on the ceiling. Run off and grapple the first. Swing to the second, then let go and grapple the second. Swing to the third, let go and grapple the third. Swing to the lap of the Budda and drop to land safely there.