View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Character Costume Skins

16th Nov 2013, 15:42
Hi everybody. First post here so hopefully I don't do too bad.

I'm looking through the UI of Nosgoth, getting super hyped up. The UI is really nice! I love how you set up the inventory, armory, skin selection, and loadouts. It's also really smooth. No lag while switching between menu's.

I'm also looking through the skin selection for the humans. They're very nice. The detail is great. It is really beautiful work. My problem is there's no real "upgrade" look to them. You go from looking normal, to normal, to normal again. They are very cool skins but I hope you add some more that make you truly stand out.

The skins for the vampires are a bit better. Both the Tyrant and the Sentinel have a more noticeable "upgraded" look to them.

All the skins are really beautiful. The detail in them is amazing. I like to see something a little more "flashy" when upgrading though.

Update! lol I just noticed the scroll bar at the bottom of the Skin selection. Sorry! The final two skins are exactly what I was talking about. For each of the classes the final two skins are very nice and "flashy". Except for the Reaver and Tyrant, not as much as an upgrade on the final two. I'd add arrows to the sides of the Skin selection menu because the scroll bar at the bottom was easy to miss.

Looking forward to playing!