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21st Jun 2007, 00:55
I purchased TRA from direct 2 drive. Their support page sucks. I keep getting a security error every time I try to run the game. I have a code, but there is no where to enter it. It obviously isn't activating automatically, or I'd be able to play. I realize this isn't a direct 2 drive forum, but I was hoping someone could help. PLEASE!!!!

21st Jun 2007, 14:52
Same problem here. Blue Fish Media wrapper doesn't recognize my email address and I can't activate. I sent an email to their support address yesterday, but so far no response.

22nd Jun 2007, 00:14
same same
I get a tra.exe error..
I sent in a ticket with a list of things i tried to fix it and my Dxdiag on June 9th and it's now June 21st and I'm still waiting for a reply so I can play the game I bought on the 9th

Edios support = :mad2:

8th Jul 2007, 00:08
first ticket sent in June 9th................waiting........June 21st......still waiting.........................July 7th and still no reply to my ticket....
and I STILL can't play the game I bought on June 9th.

2 tickets sent in
0 replies

love that "support"