View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS My thoughts circa 14/11/13

14th Nov 2013, 20:40
Overall balance:
Vampires seemed to have the edge in the matches I played even after a team-switch. Humans just didn’t seem to be able to do enough damage to put them down fast enough before they became lunch, in the open maps they fared better as they could get a few hits in before things got in close, but in tighter maps it became more telling.
I also had a thought that perhaps the humans should have their “Backwards” running at 0.75 of their other movement, so if they want to back-peddle and pour damage into a vampires face they’ll be caught, but if they are inclined to dodge and be nimble they will last longer.

Hunter: In my head I categorised this guy as “Mid-range” his crossbow isn’t really effective at long range but he can put a lot of damage out before the vampires get to him. His high cool-down/reload times means he’s a bit of a glass cannon. I kinda like that about him though, the animation on his bolas-thing takes a while to wind up and let go, meaning he’s slower to respond then the Scout and his knives or the alchemist and her bombs at close range. Making him vulnerable (more so then a normal human) in close combat.

Scout: A lot less dangerous then he used to be, but still my favourite class in terms of power level. His damage output seemed to eclipse the other two classes considerably. And he could work at both extreme and close ranges better than his peers. I’m not sure if I’d nerf him any more (as I said the current build seems to favour Vamps, at least in the majority of the games I played) but it is an argument to maybe give the other two classes a small bump.

Alchemist: I really struggled to make her work for me, she’s a close-ranged specialist against some of the deadliest close-range killers in Nosgoth. To say I consider her an optimist would be the understatement of the year. She seemed to lack significant damage output compared to the other classes, and her firewall was more of an inconvenience then a deterrent in most cases. I couldn’t help but think to myself “I wish her main gun had a stagger effect on it” as vampires seemed to just shrug of explosives at close range to come in and eat my face.

Reaver: My favourite of the three vampire classes. His smoke-bomb breaks up clumped together humans, his pounce does a meaty chunk of heath damage and if I’m knocked off I activate his dodge ability and wander off to lick my wounds. He’s easier to get into cover if things go badly too as he climbs faster than his bigger Tyrant cousin. If I were to nerf him? I’d consider less hit-points. Or have him take a small amount of damage when he uses dodge to discourage (seemingly) suicidal pounces.

Tyrant: I felt this guy’s main problem was the time it takes for his abilities to kick off, it felt like every time I activated them I had to wait precious seconds for his animations to cycle while the humans not only realised I was there, but got ready to dodge out he way of my clumsy attack. This was really telling in close melee, when the time it took for him to use his abilities meant the humans were out of significant damage range by the time they triggered. I felt like getting this guy in close became a liability rather than an asset.

Sentinel: Okay I am gonna admit it, I sucked at playing sentinels. I need a lot more practice to get good. My only main thoughts were maybe they could have some kind of “Lock-on” indicator like the Reaver has for their Snatch-Attack, and maybe they could take a % less damage while flying as there is no cover up there to use, and it gives them more breathing room to maneuver for attacks.