View Full Version : Playstations have the worst graphics?

17th Jun 2007, 07:37
OK, we all know that Xbox 360 has the best Legend graphics over any of the other games and so does normal Xbox, the graphics are more detailed and Lara is smoother in her actions and moves then on PS2 with the normal Xbox and probably with the Xbox 360. PC? I don't know about but I know you can turn next gen on and off so PC has better graphics then PS2 aswell as both of the Xbox#s.

I've seen picture of Legend on PSP and that really does look bad so I've concluded that PS2 has the second worst graphics Legend has ever seen after the PSP. And I want to know why exactly. Is it just simply the PSP and PS2 are slightly too dated to keep up then the other consoles and the PC? Or is it something else?

Tomb Radar
17th Jun 2007, 16:53
The new consoles (and even XBOX) are more powerful than PS2, so obviously they can have better graphics. But graphics aren't everything. If they were, the Grand Theft Auto series wouldn't be as hugely popoular as it is.

Just looking at Legend though, you can see what the PS2 is capable. I wouldn't call the PS2 graphics bad. Its just that they're being compared to the more powerful consoles and PCs. Considering the hardware and power of the PS2, I think its fair to say that the PS2 graphics are stunning.

Besides, I've played games on Next-Gen consoles, and the graphics are just too "clean" for my liking. I've always preferred the roughness of the PS2 graphics. I prefer the atmosphere that those graphics provide. :)

17th Jun 2007, 18:15
I understand, Legend is beautiful on any platform.