View Full Version : TRA doesn't play with Microsoft System Software

16th Jun 2007, 23:23
For some reason, TRA -- specifically the "DRM" in TRA won't play nice with my Task-Monitor. I use Sysinternals (www.sysinternals.com: now owned by Microsoft) "Process Explorer" as a replacement for Task-Monitor. It has many more options for display as well as a 'historical' cpu usage that let's you see how long a process has been hogging the cpu, or if it stopped, etc...

But the seckurom-DigitalRightsManagement(DRM) software that TRA uses detects the replacement and refuses to run TRA.

WORSE, it requires a reboot before you can run TRA -- which means I can't do any work, then switch to TRA for a while for a break unless I wipeout my workspace and reboot the machine, losing every open window/program. This really puts a damper on using TRA as a nice escape when working in middle of day or while waiting for some slow event (compile, download, make...etc).

Does anyone know how to fix this? Why would they prohibit system software, but worse -- why do they force you to reboot each time you want to play the game?
This is so ridiculous...*help*?