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16th Jun 2007, 10:26
I do everything I am supposed to do. I wait for the rage meter to go up.. The screen blurs. I make sure my guns are locked on but not firing. I make sure I am moving alreadythen when they are close enough to strike, I press the circle button. (I am using ps2). All that happens is I roll away. Thus far it has not mattered. But to beat the centaurs you need bullet time. It does not work. Do I have a flawed copy of the game? (If you are wondering how I beat the T rex without adrenaline dodge, just stand on a boulder and fire your pistols at him slowly. As long as you do not agrevate his rage meter, he will just stand there and let you whittle him down.)

This adrenaline dodge not working is ruining the game for me. Can anyone help?

16th Jun 2007, 10:37
I haven't played yet, but this adrenaline dodge thing is scaring me! I have a hard enough time as it is sometimes. :rolleyes:

Go here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=208) to see how to do it.

16th Jun 2007, 13:04
Thanks but I already tried doing it the way AGENT said. To the letter. For over a week. When the screen slows down, I keep the guns trained on the target, move sideways then press circle for dodge. All she does is roll. No matter what I do, she won't go into bullet time. Therefore the target circle does not appear and the centaur just passes by. Some one help

16th Jun 2007, 13:12
Try turning on hints, you should get the direction buttons up when you can do the move, then move in a direction and press the roll button. You must have the target locked all the time, do not take your finger of the L1 trigger at any point. Lara should dive to the side, wait until the cross-hairs join and turn red then shoot. Do not use the rifle when doing this, it is to slow.

16th Jun 2007, 13:27
I appreciate the help, but am already doing all of the above. All she does is roll. Hints is on. When it says direction joystick, then circle button (eg, when the screen blurrs after the rage meter is high enough) I do. I keep the guns aimed. All she does is roll. Thanks anyway.

16th Jun 2007, 13:53
You are either doing it to slow or you have taken your finger of the L1 button, when you get the rage meter up you need to keep your target locked, till after you have done the dodge move.

17th Jun 2007, 01:37
Are you sure that adrenalin dodge works on a PC (XP SP1) with mouse and keyboard? The right mouse button is very flaky on locking, even for just normal shooting; in the centaur fight, I hold down the right button faithfully, but the lock still flips to the other centaur any time it feels like it. When the lock does hold throughout the whole business, it's almost always the other centaur (i.e. the one I haven't been shooting) who charges in rage, and I've never ever got anything close to a dodge. I've tried Left-shift with A and D, and space with A and D, but I just get run over by one of the centaurs. I'm playing on Easy and the blue arrows show up, but try as I might with various timings, I never get anything that looks like the YouTube examples. All the talk on the forums seem to be using controllers rather than mouse & keyboard...so I'm wondering if this is a technical problem rather than my reflexes being lousy.

17th Jun 2007, 09:23
This adrenaline dodge not working is ruining the game for me. Can anyone help?

go here: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?p=661716#post661716

I have got th same problem... I guess this is serious bug but they never confirm that... and maybe the release some patch secretly...

17th Jun 2007, 09:34
l have shot numerous things using mouse and keyboard and never noticed the lock slipping :scratch: And yes my PC is XP service pack 1, l would still say you are not holding it down all the time.

18th Jun 2007, 00:12
i'm not sure if ps2 has this option, but if you change your combat mode to advanced toggle instead of manual then she'll keep her guns out and keep it pointed at the enemy which lets you do the adrenaline dodge

18th Jun 2007, 01:19
hmm are you sure you're waiting long enough? you don't dodge until you get the little symbol in the bottom left corner...it's not enough to wait for the screen to blur, it's a fair while after that that the symbol appears. If you do it before the symbol appears it won't work.

18th Jun 2007, 12:11
I agree with Facboy. I reckon you can go for the dodge too early. Also, kimishim's suggestion about the advanced toggle sounds good. I haven't tried it, but I remember using it for the final battle with the demon creature in Legend.

I had major problems with these guys until I realised I wasn't really locking on to targets and, like you (barryley), I killed the Rex initially by sheer persistance with the pistols. Once I got the lock sussed out though, I had the centaurs down in no time. They make it easy for you as they rear up when enraged, giving you loads of time to prepare. Get the lock on when they do this and hold it on. The reticule will change from a red circle to a red circle with 4 arrowheads pointing inwards. If you have kept your distance, this will give you even more time. Stand still and wait til it charges you. When it gets close, HOLD down the duck key and hit the left or right key. Lara will roll without turning to the side first and will maintain her aim at the target. As the target is close, the reticule will move quickly onto the head and flash. Then fire. Seriously, once I sussed that I had to lock on, I got headshots first time on both centaurs. Be ready though, because when you hit them, they will kneel and expose the handle of the shield. You must be quick to grapple it away.

20th Jun 2007, 02:07
It took me 3 hours to finally beat the Centaurs and here's what was happening to me: The Centaurs were too close to me. If I tried to dodge while the Centaur was literally in my face, I too would simply roll out of the way.

But when I started doing this, it worked:

Enrage them from a longer distance and as soon as the screen blurs, perform your circle button dodge. Mine seemed to work best when Lara dodged backwards, as if she were going to land on her back.

Please see if that works for you. Don't let them run up too close. Try to get them to charge while you are further away.