View Full Version : Obelisk of khamoon(seal of anubis)grapple bug

14th Jun 2007, 03:19
i got a problem with getting the seal of anubis as i am stuck cuz of a grapple bug,after killing the first mummy in the anubis room,i went and switch on the switch which than turn all the slopes in to climble ledges and also open a grill with a movable block in which there is a medipack inside.after that i move the block out and position it in the entrance of the grill and than climb up to 2 cervices and at the top i try to jump to my left and graple the hook above but i cant there isnt a blue target came out too am i doing something wrong in here?

14th Jun 2007, 06:17
ok i even watch a video walkthru and they can grapple it with a blue target available but i cant,so i am sure its a bug now

21st Jun 2007, 15:43
I am having a similair problem. I'm in the room with the retracting ledges inside the Temple of Kahmoon and I'm suppose to be able to pull a door dowm and then be able to swing across to it before it closes again, only the graple doesn't get the door correctly. It seems to want the screen to centre on the graple point I would use to swing across to the door. If I make sure that the swinging graple point is not on the screen and try to graple it hits and grips the door about half way down, no mater what I do there the door does not budge :mad2:

I'm going to look for a patch and post a new thread with this info also.