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12th Jun 2007, 22:50
Hey, I'm posting this on behalf of a mate, so please excuse me on the vagueness. He says he has a problem with sticky controls, ie. if he presses forward, lara will move forward, but when he releases forward, sometimes she will not stop, but carry on as if he never let go. I think he's running on a laptop, which I'm guessing is at least minimum specs. Any ideas guys? I will forward on any questions to him.

13th Jun 2007, 18:58
Any ideas guys?

Other that buying new laptop... ???

Occasionally something like this can happen if you have extra USB input devices plugged-in (gamepads, tablets), but since this is a laptop.... I dunno.

13th Jun 2007, 20:55
I think he has a mouse and an external harddisk plugged in.. I will ask him to try it without them.

13th Jun 2007, 21:57
I had the same problem, when I press a direction key Lara will move forward even when I release it,and when fighting and shoting animals Lara ran around like crazy I couldnt controll th camera,this maybe sound crazy, but when I reinstalled my graphic Card driver this problem was fixed and I dont know what has that to do with the controlls:scratch: but oh well it sure did fix it and maybe it will help you aswell;)

13th Jun 2007, 21:59
Hey, did you reinstall the newest one or just the same one? Cheers for the help.

13th Jun 2007, 22:41
The newest One

15th Jun 2007, 23:37
Hey, his laptop is a geforce go 7400.. he has the newest drivers already, problem still there..

16th Jun 2007, 00:13
I dont Know then,he should try reinstalling his keyboard and mouse drivers.