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12th Jun 2007, 12:21
I cannot defeat the centaurs because I cannot get the shields from them... help.

12th Jun 2007, 12:53
Are you performing adrenaline attack to get them stunned first?

12th Jun 2007, 13:22
Yes. I do Stun the bugger, but as soon as I go to grapple the guy the grapple doesn't work... I'm at a loss as to what to do? should I return the game in exchange for another?

12th Jun 2007, 13:29
i have made the horses freeze and i tryed to grapple the rings on the back of the sheilds but it dosnt grip for long enough and i have also tryed to shoot the rings on the sheilds i dont know what eles to do (addrelian) ??? :mad2:

12th Jun 2007, 13:44
I don't think there is a bug there. Many people have difficulty beating them, but eventually they succeed. There is a number of threads with various tips:


12th Jun 2007, 14:41
xcom have you defeated the horses ?

12th Jun 2007, 15:10
Yeah.. Took several tries. At first I didn't even realize that you had to pull away the shields. :nut:

There is also a myriad of videos at www.youtube.com on how to beat them.

12th Jun 2007, 17:51
thanks for the help xcom we will try that link

16th Jun 2007, 09:24
I am sure it is a bug. I know exactly what I am supposed to do. Every second enraged attack, dodge and roll. Then (and here is my problem) you are supposed to be able to hit their heads. In turn they should freeze and you should be able to grapple their sheilds etc etc. Instead, all they do is jump over me without me having any opportunity to shoot their heads. I watched the youtube vid and they are not behaving like that. Sometimes one of them will freeze for no reason but when they do, no amount of work with the grapple will loosen the sheild. This is ruining my enjoyment of a great game. How can I get past these bosses and continue? I've been stuck for over a week. I am using the ps2 so I can't download a savegame file. PLEASE tell me there is a SKIP LEVEL cheat :mad2:

16th Jun 2007, 11:30
It sounds like you just haven't quite got the knack of the adrenaline dodge.
I know it took me ages :rolleyes:

Here is quite a good description

I see lot's of people complaining that some of the bosses require this technique to be beaten. I'm actually glad the game forces you to get a hang of such a cool move, because just mindlessly shooting them isn't near as fun or satisfying. In a way, it contributes to Lara's personality as well. She strikes me as a cunning and risky character who's more likely to exploit the weaknesses of her foes than just spray and pray.

How do I activate Adrenaline Dodge?

Just about every enemy in the game is vulnerable to an AD (Adrenaline Dodge). The first step is to make the enemy angry enough. This is clearer with bosses because of their life bars. Underneath their life bar is their Rage Meter, which is what you want to fill up. I suggest using Lara's standard pistols for this. Equip them, lock-on to the hated foe and just fire away. With each bullet that hits them, the bar will rise, but it depletes quickly so much sure your guns are fully loaded and you fire faster than it lowers.

Once it's full the enemy will cease it's current actions and begin it's Rage Attack. It will signify this usually by some type of taunt (roar, howl, etc) and a spark will ignite on the enemy's character model. If you want to do major damage, I suggest switching to the shotgun or magnums once this happens. At this point the enemy will begin dashing at Lara. Once it gets close enough the screen will blur an intense orange/red. MAKE SURE YOU'RE LOCKED-ON, and then press the roll/dodge button while moving sideways. Lara will dive sideways and the game will run in slow-motion.

How do I successfully perform an AD?

Though the game says you should watch for the cross hairs to overlap, I don't recommend this. Once Lara is diving in slow motion (following the instructions above), all other sound will be nigh-erased, SO WAIT FOR THE AUDIBLE BEEP SOUND EFFECT. This signifies that the cross hairs have overlapped and once you hear this sound, press the fire button and the action will be a success. Once you hear the sound, there is not much time to fire, so be quick, but don't get nervous and shoot too early.

Centaur Exception?

A difference I've noticed in the centaurs is when the screen blurs. Once they dash at Lara, the screen will become an orange tint, BUT DON'T DODGE YET. Wait until the dashing centaur is close enough to Lara to the point when the tint becomes an intense orange/red blur.


16th Jun 2007, 11:51
And if you are still having trouble turn hints on and you will get some nice little arrows come up when you can perform the adrenaline dodge.

23rd Jun 2007, 17:46
is there a way to lock the aiming? Every time I'm trying to do the slow motion, the camera view doesn't focus on him therefore makes me do a flip instead, or makes me do a slow motion but can't shoot it cauz i'm not looking at it.

25th Jun 2007, 09:04
Well, yes there is. But that's the whole point. You 'lock the aim' by holding the Combat Mode button. This is what everybody means by 'Lock on'. By default (on the PC) this is the right mouse button.
The best way I find to do the Adrenaline Dodge is just to stay locked on all the time when you are fighting one of these enemies. Hold the mouse button down the whole time and Lara will keep her aim locked on the target. You'll know if you are locked because the reticule will have 4 arrow heads pointing inwards instead of just being a plain circle. You can still be locked on even if the target is out of range and the reticule is grey.

Keep firing until the enemy's rage bar is full and you see it scream or roar or whatever it does, then STOP FIRING. If you fire a single shot at this point, you will spoil the dodge. Wait until the enemy rushes towards you. Do not let go of the Lock button. Stay calm and wait for the screen to blur. Then press and hold the crouch button and hit a direction button. Left or right is best for most enemies, though there are exceptions. Lara will then roll to the side but keep her aim on the target. When the reticule reaches the head of the enemy, it will beep. Fire once and you should get the headshot.

Don't celebrate yet, though. With the boss enemies, there will usually be something else you need to do immediately after the headshot. The enemy will be stunned briefly and you have to do something quickly while they are stunned. In the case of the Centaurs, you have to quickly use the grapple to pull away their shields.

Once you've done the dodge a couple of times, you'll find it's actually pretty easy. The secret is that lock.

Good Luck!

26th Jun 2007, 06:28
im having the same problem, after the centaur freeze's the graple wont latch onto the shield at all

26th Jun 2007, 06:56
I don't think there is a bug there. Many people have difficulty beating them, but eventually they succeed. There is a number of threads with various tips:


Welcome to the forums lisa22. Please if your read Xcom's Post then you would have noticed the other thread, so that you could maybe you there tips instead of, Xcom having to repost the four threads Again.
Also Welcome to the fourms Ruskin01.

26th Jun 2007, 08:51
I just want to say this, just in case you held down the Grapple button XD Don't hold onto that, or else she'll pull back.

6th Jul 2007, 18:47
I also think there's a glitch; I tried to get the AD with the centaurs for days without sucess. Tried everything anybody had posted, and all combinations I could think of. Grapple didn't work at this point of the game either, and I don't think it's possible to beat the centaurs without AD and Grapple.
Have uninstalled, reinstalled and back in the Manor again. As first time I loaded, game doesn't save at checkpoints. Went through several checkpoints on many runthroughs but PC restart and I'm back at the front door.(No save facility in the Manor)
This is a cracking disc and I've started the main game again, and I'll spend more time with T Rex to get the practice with the AD, but I reckon I will not pass the Centaurs again.
Be a pity to consign such a good game to the bin.