View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS My play report 12/11/13

12th Nov 2013, 22:04
Well here are my thoughts. I only got to play a game and a half. :D

Had a go with Hunter...Freeport
He seemed fine no issues what so ever - he generally was smooth and easy to play with no bugs. Aiming and everything seemed really accurate.

And the Reaver...I forgot already...
He was ok but had a few issues with climbing - think it might be more my controlling him than anything. Though for some reason he only wanted to go left at points - always seemed to look left even no matter what way I was trying to face. This seemed to clear up after a while though and then any other direction to move was fine.

And finally Tyrant...Freeport
Love this guy! He kept getting stuck on things occasionally such as rocks, plants and had to fight to get out of said space - though I think this was more my issues with controls more than anything else. He played really easily and well and did what he was supposed to.

Environments etc...
Environment itself there were no glitches or bugs with it.
No lag or anything bad either! woohoo - it ran really really well on my computer.
Controls were responsive and accurate.
Had no sound through the entire thing though.

14th Nov 2013, 09:40
Good point about the plants and stuff, I have definitely gotten stuck on a few but I never said anything. I'll have to try and keep track of them.

Maybe Psyonix could add coordinates top left of the player screen so we can more accurately inform about things we get stuck on and map glitches.

14th Nov 2013, 12:26
I agree on the coords option.(with a turn on/off button.

Maby also fps, ping, packet data (received, send, lost)
Or maby an in game report system.
But i think this code writing do cost precious time.

Wrote on cell phone.