View Full Version : WARNING - weird 'bug' with cinematics and savegames

11th Jun 2007, 20:46
Hi all,

wondered if anyone else had experienced this. Once you have unlocked them in 'Rewards', you can view any cinematic you have passed in the game. However, if you view one, when you go back to the game, it has put you back into the game right back at the begining of the country in which the cinematic took place. The exception to this is the Tomb of Qualopec cinematic, which dumps you back in the tomb with the Scion piece still on it's pedestal and no way to remove it. This means you are stuck and cannot continue the game. This process also overwrites your autosave as you have just arrived at a checkpoint! The only way out is to load a game from a manual save, IF YOU HAVE ONE, or play a later cinematic and hope it dumps you back a bit further through.

So watch out!! Always save before viewing cinematics.

Love the game btw, but it could do without all the bugs with the savegames.

23rd Jun 2007, 16:23
Yep, I had a similar problem just last night but although the savefiles were in the right folder they could no longer be loaded from the main menu - the load option was not activated.

I was nearly half way through the game when this happened and I was not best pleased. I thought I could recall reading your posting on this bug but couldn't find it last night.

I renamed the Eidos folder to Eidosold and then started a new game. Once started I saved at the beginning of the game and then copied the savegame files from the Eidosold folder into the new Eidos folder and with a bit of fiddling (quitting and starting again) I was able to continue from where I had left off in the Midas statue room - but that was a close call. I won't be watching any more of those cinematics, that's for sure!

kind regards