View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Push-key microphone not working

12th Nov 2013, 20:42

After playing todays matches from the start to the end, I want to report:

VOIP seems to be non-functional for me. Today I heard nobody on the mic, and could not speak either. I remapped the push-key-to-speak button from G to Thumb Button on mouse (Razer deathadder, nothing else is bound on that particular key on windows or game, proved to be working in other games). Tried using G (though unbound) to no effect as well. It seems that one of the devs played in the match, told me to report it. I also mentioned it in the email I sent regarding connectivity issues.

Hope that helps. I would also try remapping the key back to G, but the servers are no longer running.

12th Nov 2013, 23:06
That was me. Thanks for the report.

12th Nov 2013, 23:38
Also noted in my list that gets to big by now.

Nice find.