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11th Jun 2007, 17:38
Hello, I have a question, if you have the last revelation pc game, can you put the level you want in the level editor? :confused:

11th Jun 2007, 18:56
The level editor is used to play custom levels and to build your own custom level. :)

11th Jun 2007, 18:58
No. I mean if you own a last revelation game, can you play the last revelation levels in the editor. :scratch:

12th Jun 2007, 07:17
There are some slight differences. I remember trying it once. I think you could play the levels, but the sounds weren't right. In fact, I think there were no sounds.

23rd Jun 2007, 10:03
I am sorry to post this here but I can´t post new threads yet :(
I downloaded the LE and few levels - I can play them fine but
when a cinematic occurs the game crashes instantly...I don´t
know what to do :mad2: could somebody help me please???

23rd Jun 2007, 10:08
Hi there Raina, the level editor doesn't have complete playable levels, just project files for building your own custom Tomb Raider levels. If you are trying to play the Last Revelation you will need to play the official game.

If you're interested in playing custom Tomb Raider levels using the Editor, here is a tutorial to get you started:



23rd Jun 2007, 10:28
George- thank you - I dowloaded levels from trle.net, I can play them fine until a cutscene will start :( but I´ll try the tutorial anyway, thanks.

23rd Jun 2007, 10:49
Quite a lot of levels at trle are buggy and untested. They host any old stuff that comes along, even if it's rubbish. Could well be you've got a buggy level, I don't know. Why not bin it and try something else? All the levels hosted at Skribblerz.com are tested and playable.


23rd Jun 2007, 11:56
Ok, I try the Skribblerz.com then, but it crashes on every level which has cutscenes...

23rd Jun 2007, 12:48
It could be you've been playing a level which uses a patched exe, like TREP. This can cause problems with other games. Also, some games require special set up for the cutscenes to work but all the information you require should be included in the readme file that came with the download.

To ensure you've got a clean Editor, can I suggest you reinstall the Level Editor and start afresh with it?


24th Jun 2007, 16:45
Well, there was no additional info about it...I contacted the level maker, hope s/he will respond...
I have a slow internet, so it takes about 1 hour to download the LE again..:(
But I was lucky and FINALY found some levels in which the cutscenes work ok :D

24th Jun 2007, 17:02
Hi Raina, that's good news and I hope you enjoy your custom levels. A little tip for you, which I do all the time, is that I have a back up of the entire Level Editor in My Documents and on disk. If the Editor breaks, which it will do from time to time, it's easy then to just copy the files from my back up into my trle folder. That way no more downloading and reinstalling :)

24th Jun 2007, 17:57
Yes, I´ve made a copy of the origi LE :) I wonder if yours crashes too? sometimes the LE crashes without reason - I was just running in some level and it crashed....hm...I found another level which doesn´t crash during cutscenes:D
Thanks for help;) It´s really fun to play additional levels, because I can´t play the datadiscs on pc:( I have the games only for PlayStation...