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12th Nov 2013, 17:58
Report for Play Test on the 12.11.2013

The Issue:
Proposed Solution:


Time to open a can of woopass on everything.

Freeport Camp Spot still broken, even with the Healing Stations moved.

Bolas as OP as we already knew. Crossbow is nice.

We got another 5 player team. It's still happening!

Multibow should probably say it's Burst Fire. BECAUSE I HATE BURST FIRE.

Multibow probably has a spot in a good team, without it, it's terrible. The damage is too low for using it with the 0,5s gap in shots.

Nope even in a team it's bad.

Multibow suddenly became very good on Freeport. But just for one map? Hrm....

Sticky Grenade aiming is a bit hard, but the ability itself seems pretty good. Sticking someone feels rewarding and you can use it while you flee for a trap around a corner.


I feel pretty, oh so pretty ... no wait, I meant fast! Really nice mobility, but lacks punch.

I feel so squish after Tyranting for so long. Even more so than Sentinel.

Pounce very easy to avoid by walking up a flight of stairs. Getting stuck on stairs behind the sprinting human.

Noticing a trend of people not playing anymore at all when we face them. Need proper opponents soon. This is boring for us and them.

Leap Attack doesn't seem very useful, except when you match it with Haste. But then you lose your defensive escape cooldown.

12th Nov 2013, 17:59
Report for Play Test on the 14.11.2013

The Issue:
Proposed Solution:

Boltthrower feels pretty good, but I think the reload time is too long and I feel the fire rate needs to be higher to compete with the Siege Bow.

Nobody thus far liked the Multibow - Burst Fire over medium distance is just not very useful, especially if the damage drops off over longer distances. Attempts last time on Freeport were the only time it glimpsed some goodness. But it lacks in close-quarter stopping power and the damage over long distances with how precise it is is just too low.

Siegebow is the healthy alternative for the default XBow. In fact it seems like the best XBow right now. 2/3 agree on this.

Blinding Shot has similar issues as Sunlight Vial - it's just outclassed by the other options.

Savage Pounce seems good if you can hit with it, I can't. Ransom does. I don't like it, he does. I'd rather have my auto-aimed, short distance CC. Seems fine though. Pounces in general seem to get stuck on edges a lot.

Ransom has deemed Haste + Leap Attack the best god damn thing on the planet. I tend to agree from what I have seen. Only misses the Traversal Speed Perk.

Darkness Bomb blinding a Vampire that should see in the dark is a bit weird. Thus far it's annoying us all.

12th Nov 2013, 17:59
Report for Play Test on the 18.11.2013


13th Nov 2013, 11:18
Pounce on steps is annoying I have had that happen too.

In general I feel a little disjointed with the pounce. Sometimes I'm clearly missing but due to lag and the speed at which I'm traveling I get "adjusted" onto their face. So I'm guessing the net code is calculating position server side. This has something to do with the pounce helper I think?

13th Nov 2013, 17:10
Report for Play Test on the 12.11.2013

Noticing a trend of people not playing anymore at all when we face them. Need proper opponents soon. This is boring for us and them.

Yes it was the most dull experiences of my life, well next to seeing that 10 minutes of Titanic that I saw. Can I make a suggestion, maybe don't play on a team that everyone on the team is so good, I mean you hirukaru and TSG whatever his name is vs people who are playing for the first time? seriously do you get any enjoyment out of a 40-3 win round?

I really don't mind losing I really enjoyed a few games last night including most the ones I lost... but that was because even when I lost it was close. after 2 rounds there being a 10 kill split I really don't mind but you got a 80-14ish (cant quite remember but it was about 14), I knew if your team made over 3 kills in the second round or we didn't reach 40 before the timer countdown ended that we had lost. I lost the will to live at the point your team had 14 kills and ours had 2 in the second round.

Now I'm not saying you lot should not play together but maybe wait till the game gets released or beta when there will be more people but there is no glory in experienced players killing noobs like fish in a barrel. enjoy some close games, enjoy some losses and dont brag "don't feel bad us guys have beaten the dev's".

sorry to rant but you want new opponents and I think the problem is your team mates.

14th Nov 2013, 01:45
I take it you are the guy who just stopped fighting at all and was pretty pissed? Headshot, I think?

I actually do not quite know how we actually ended up in a game with only level 1 players. Usually we end up playing with the more experience crowd (Strike, Angel, Coin, Gregg, Mark, Yawning, etc). Probably due to a new wave of keys or something. Obviously the game is utterly unbalanced with a bunch of level 13+ players with 5-7 test weeks being about and then the rest is level 1s. But the more people are coming in, the harder it is to really get good games going for not only testing, but also enjoyment. That your first game ends up being against one of the few smaller groups (there is at least 8 others I know are usually teamed up and join the same games) is unfortunate. Then again I have to say even when only Ransom and me were teamed up with respective 2/1 week experience, we had a lot of these 80-1X wins against those groups. It's just that we have been playing these kinds of games for years now. AvP, NS1, NS2, PC, etc.

On the other hand we see little reason not to group in the Alpha. We do it so we get more opinions - not to mention it's also the only effective way right now to get gold to even test at all in a reasonable timeframe with the hours given. We usually have quite a few close games, but the one against you folks was pretty much just pure slaughter on our end - and it's the main reason that you stopped really fighting that we realized we need to do something soon. Because it's not only bad for us to not get proper data, but it's also bad for the game in general because new players get a horrible experience and might just stop playing. Which is why this note is up there. But your suggestion for us not to team up is ridiculous. We are playing with fun people and if you don't like it, well, your option is then to just re-queue or find others in the Alpha to group up with that are fun. Sounds harsh, but that's how it is.

We had games against/with QA/Devs later on Tuesday and had even fights and barely scrapped by on the victory - and only because they have **** for ping - otherwise we'd get our asses handed to us. The notice that we manage to beat them was more to say "It's not the game or your fault, we are just pretty good and experienced." No intention on our end to brag at all about this, just to re-assure you to keep playing, so if you thought we did this to brag, apologies for that.

However our current intention for the time after the current focus testing is to try and find a regular group of testers to go at each other in a closed-off game. That way we get more interesting ideas together and we also have a way to specifically test something like Echolocation on a person and get feedback/see for ourselves how it works. Preferably we'd like a Dev to toss their lot in with this group so we always have the developer perspective as well. So you're less likely to see us run about killing everyone and ruining your games if this works out :)

14th Nov 2013, 12:34
Xara your last point would be perfect indeed to test skills and mechanics behind them.

15th Nov 2013, 12:51
I think the problem with Haste being as good as it is now, is that melee attacks are auto aimed and makes you "rocket knife" (you'il get what i mean if you've played Modern warfare 1-2) forward, which makes it very hard for the humans to hit you.
Watching a Reaver from the side, hitting a human while in Haste almost makes it look like he's lagging forward every time he attacks.