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12th Nov 2013, 06:48
Is it just me or does the Razielim on the promo picture look a lot like a Hylden wraith? The placement of the wings and their stance reminds me so much of them, and I was just curious if that was intentional or not.

I'm not sure how to attach a picture on here, so here's the web address - it's the one with the hylden wraiths in the pic. I Know there were ones with ghostly wings, but I'm having trouble finding pics.


(wow that's a long url!!)

12th Nov 2013, 08:02
Hi xXLittle_ShadowXx,

The link you pasted is not to any image. You have to get the direct link to images. It's preferable also to host the images yourself on a site like Imageshack, or Photobucket, as some sites either bandwidth might be capped, or they might even redirect to pics, or messages that are not forum-friendly.

Anyway, I am not certain, but I think you are referring to Hylden Revenants, not wraiths. If so, then this is the image you meant to post:


Or, perhaps you meant the Vampire Revenant, which were Hylden souls in Ancient vampire dead bodies:


The team wasn't trying to depict Hylden, to answer your question.