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10th Jun 2007, 02:56
Hello, been a while since i was last here!.


Ive been having problems with the combat in this game, particularly now im upto the great pyramid. Im not sure weither its my fault or a pretty big thing with this otherwise fine game. The enemies NEVER seem to miss me, especially during a rage attack. Also the Rage attacks are extremley hard to overcome when theirs more than one. So im constantly knocked on my a** and then followed up by another attack whilst recovering. In the last bit in Egypt, it was sheer persistance that i managed to defeat 2 fast mummies and 2 centaurs guarding the last puzzle. VERY DIFFICULT!.

Its a shame that the combat and a few nigglie control problems make this game so damn hard. That climb in the great pyramid is excrutiatingly painful. I cant make her turn around fast enough on those bars so i run out of time befrore they dissapear. Not to mention those flying barstewards (thats what i call them, dont know their real name) raining on my parade.

(Last part of my rant promise! :) )

The original wasnt this hard...im sure of it!, ive completed that dozens of times. One thing i miss is the fleshy walls with the pulsating veins. Where did they go?!? they were the best part!!. The pyramid was far better/bigger in the original!.

I am enjoying this game, ill probrably have completed it by tommorow but i just thought id get these things of my chest. Hopefully someone will be able to help!.

10th Jun 2007, 03:05
Rage attacks are very easy to dodge, assuming you are not shooting at close range. When they start rushing toward you, focus on the timing and as soon as the screen blurs, push sideways/backwards (forward only works for some of the enemies) and roll to pull out the adrenaline dodge. Wait until the crosshairs center, you'll hear a sound cue, then just fire once. Dead enemy. Simple like that.

Whenever Lara is knocked down, quickly tap jump while she's trying not to lose her balance. That way, she'll land on her feet. Simple like that.

Two of the new features that I hope to see in all future TR games. :)

10th Jun 2007, 03:29
Another thing you can do, is when she gets thrown back by another, push the jump button and what she'll do is flip back up. Though, it doesn't work when you're pinned against the wall, or anything like the last climbing level (Lost Pyramid).