View Full Version : Tomb of Qualopec - Stuck

9th Jun 2007, 22:59

I was thoroughly enjoying the game until I hit a problem on the last section of Tomb of Qualopec (Peru). My graphic card does not seem to support the game fully and I am stuck when trying to kill Larson as the indicator arrows do not appear and I end up being killed. It is almost the end of that Level and I am stuck!

Would be very grateful if anybody could help and send me a saved game for that part of the game.

Thank you


9th Jun 2007, 23:06
This is why PS2 is better than a PC

9th Jun 2007, 23:30
Message tech support about it. Although as with many problems of this nature just try exiting the program and starting it up again 4 times out 5 that can actually resolve the issue ;)

Captain Mazda
10th Jun 2007, 02:45
This is why PS2 is better than a PC

And PCs provide graphics and performance unmatched by any console. Nice try there.