View Full Version : "Play Game" never shows up

9th Jun 2007, 16:43
From the manual:

"Once you have a game in progress and data saved, Start Game in the Main Menu will be replaced by Play Game. Select this to resume your most recent save, load saved games, or replay completed levels."

Um, my game has never said anything other than Start Game. Start a new game, go to in-game menu, load game. That works.

System is:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
ATI Radeon X1900XTX
Sound Blaster Live Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
XBox 360 Controller used
Vista Home Premium with all updates

Now, all that said, I have also experienced the vanishing checkpoints in Croft Manor, but for me, that's not as big a deal as having to go "Start Game", "Skip Cutscene", "Skip Cutscene", "Load" every flippin time. I am going to try the save game solutions discussed here to see if they work, as well as perhaps creating a profile for myself (just been using "default profile" to this point). But, I thought I'd bring this up since no one else seemed to mention it in detail.


12th Jun 2007, 00:49
For what's worth, I solved my problem. However, I didn't go through the numerous save game steps mentioned in the faq. I decided I'd just rename my profile directory so TRA wouldn't find it. However, when i started the game again, it said pick a profile, and listed my renamed directory. I chose it, and voila, "Play Game" now shows up every time on the main menu.

So, to others, you might try just renaming your profile directory rather than going through the copy save games from it, delete it, let TRA recreate it, copy games back solution. Worth a try anyway.