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11th Nov 2013, 17:00
Hey everyone! We're looking to put some hints and tips into the game to answer the most frequently asked questions relating to gameplay.

For example, we know we ought to address the following:

How do I fly as the Sentinel?
How do I get health and ammo as a Human?

Please would you let us know what else you would like us to add to this list. :)

12th Nov 2013, 12:24
3. How do I climb?
Press <Keybind; Default: Shift> you dummy!

4. How do I climb as a human?
The Scout has a Grappling Hook you can purchase in the Store for your Loadout.

5. How do I eat humans?
Press <Keybind; Default: X>

These were pretty common as well for a bunch of folks :)

12th Nov 2013, 14:29
Thanks Xaragoth! Anybody else?

12th Nov 2013, 14:52
*puts on Sombrero* Ollá, is senor no-xaragotho.

6. As the Scout, hold Right Mouse Button to charge up your attack and press Left Mouse Button to release a powerful arrow.

7. Attacks like Pounce or Leap increase their damage over distance. The further you leap, the more damage you do!

8. As the Reaver, hold down Right Mouse Button to charge up a pounce and then press Left Mouse Button to attack.

I'm sure there is more, but I can't seem to come up with anything right now.

12th Nov 2013, 15:18
9. How do I dodge?
You can dodge by pressing <Keybind; Default: Spacebar>

10. How can I shoot steady with a Hunter?
As a hunter try to shoot in bursts to keep a steady aim

11. How do I drag people as a vampire?
Press the "Use" key <Keybind; Default: E>

12. How do I play with my NOSGOTH Steam Friends?
Open the chat part in NOSGOTH and Invite friends to let them join your lobby.

13. How do you win? Work as a team and rule the world!

(Xaragoth I used your way of saying what button to press)
Will try to think of more in todays test.

12th Nov 2013, 18:32
14.Its hard to defeat a vampire alone, team up to reach victory!

15. Vampires can quickly scale buildings, look upwards!

13th Nov 2013, 10:15
Thanks for this, everyone!

13th Nov 2013, 10:24
16. How do I change class during a match?
Press loadouts when you're killed.

13th Nov 2013, 10:46
16. How do I change class during a match?
Press loadouts when you're killed.

Hmm heard that one someone before... Someone was asking that yesterday..

17. How do I change my skills/weapons.
First buy them in store then you can select them by clicking on the skill in the character selection window (loadouts)

13th Nov 2013, 11:37
Hmm heard that one someone before... Someone was asking that yesterday..
Yes, I saw that too and it reminded me that it took me a while to find it out myself.

20th Nov 2013, 03:38
18. You can deal more damage with a Vampire's melee attacks by holding down the LMB to charge your attacks.

Just learned that myself from the Survival Guide sticky lol.

21st Nov 2013, 00:04
19.How do I melee with the Humans?
Middle Mouse Click

Someone asked this one the other day.

21st Nov 2013, 02:54
I don't have anything new to add, but I just got to play for the first time today. The only thing I knew I was supposed to be able to do and couldn't figure out until I asked was flying with the Setinel. For the most part I was able to figure the rest out pretty intuitively. That said, all the above suggestions would be helpful, some of the things listed above I had no idea about (melee attacks with humans and pounce doing more damage from farther).

23rd Nov 2013, 05:35
scroll button on the mouse

12th Dec 2013, 02:42
It would be really awesome if the servers were up during the times listed! :scratch: