View Full Version : Tomb Raider Anniversary Confirmed for Xbox 360 as DLC

8th Jun 2007, 17:54
Read This!!

8th Jun 2007, 18:00
It's an interesting concept that you need Legend to play Anniversary. Looks like I'll need to get Legend after all, at least it wont be that expensive used I think. Though I wonder if there will be any lost features from the transition, furthrmore, what if they decide to do what they did with MUA. They have the game, release content, month later release a gold version with all the new updates and the new content. Would it be worth it to buy the new levels then get surprised months later that a TR:A Gold will come out with its own box art, book, CD.

I cant imagine how much they will charge for the levels though....800pts I bet:mad2:

8th Jun 2007, 18:03
yeah good thing is that the Croft Manor level will be free, so we can get a taste at what it will look like

Mrs Croft
10th Jun 2007, 10:26
I guess I'll have to buy the bundle with Legend, gonna have to get Legend again, ah well, I've bought every other Tomb Raider game twice or more. :D

This is the best news I've hard about Anniversary. :)