View Full Version : Gameplay issues - *Possible Spoilers*

8th Jun 2007, 16:44
I have encountered a few problems during gameplay with TRA - in some occasions, Lara or a NPC get "stuck" in some places. I normally manage to get Lara out by jumping but not so the NPC. This seems to be some sort of game engine problem (not detecting barriers/objects/etc correctly).
I'm curious as to whether anybody else has noticed this?

Now, if you haven't finished the two last Greek levels please be warned that there be spoilers below!!!

In the Midas Palace level, one of the rooms contains several flames around pillars which are triggered when Lara steps on a plate - that only happened in my game when I was going for the relic. During the rest of the room exploration, even though I thought I could hear the noise of the fires, no flames happened and no burn damage to Lara.

In the last Greek level (Tomb of Tihocan), at the very end when there are two centaurs that have to be killed, I found out about the shields and how they have to be removed for the centaurs to be killed. Well, I can kill one of them, but the other never dies, no matter how much it gets shot. :mad2:
Also, after the shield removal, according to other players their only weapon is the "green ray" that turns Lara to stone. Well, that same one keeps shooting fireballs at Lara, and using the shield to reflect the "green ray" back at it has no effect. Finally, when I'm fighting both of them they will sometimes freeze and only awake when a "rage attack" is triggered.

Anybody else has seen this problem too ? If this happens to other people I hope the folks at Eidos will figure it out and release a patch soon. :scratch: