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8th Jun 2007, 13:50
is Anniversary considered TR8 or is it TR1.A?:scratch:

8th Jun 2007, 14:00
It's simply a remake of TR1 as a celebration of 10 years of Tomb Raiding. TR8 is currently in the works and is a continuation of the Legend storyline!

8th Jun 2007, 14:35
It's TR6 :D

8th Jun 2007, 14:43
It's TR6 :D
Angel of darkness is 6..even though it should be put in a shallow grave and forgotten for all time

8th Jun 2007, 14:56
Here's a TR7:



8th Jun 2007, 15:19
Ah but does that TR7 employ Core style controls or CD ones?

8th Jun 2007, 15:41
You cannot have the same story as TR1 and TR8 Anniversary is TRA a remake of the first game

8th Jun 2007, 16:33
It's TR6 :D
lol...I get your humor....and you are not going to hear too many people around here say that:rasp:

....so are we calling it TR1-A, TR1.5, TRemake....what?

rabid metro
9th Jun 2007, 16:40
perhaps, due to their particular life experiences or perhaps just personality,
some members doggedly refuse to acknowledge TRA as a re-imagining of TR1.
these people would have you think that TRA is TR8, but that is not the popular opinion.
TR8 is generally considered to be the working title for ... Legend II (another working title) (http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/tombraider8/index.html)

if you want a naming convention that won't need an overhaul in a couple years,
it would be wise to consider TRA as TR1a, or something similar that reflects re-imagined.

you can't legislate these things anyway ... :cool:

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