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8th Jun 2007, 09:01
I know this is a long post so thanks to all that are going the read all of it.

I made this thread because of my BIG enthusiasm that i have since the start of the game 'till i finished it, and i wanted to share.

This game is briliant. In my opinion is equally to TR2 and these 2 are the best TR ever.

1.It's still a bit too easy (i finished it on hard dificulty), i played about 80% of the game just with the classic dual pistols and rarely died because of enemies. Beside this there were TOO many medic packs, i think that after i finished the game i still had about 5 small medic packs and 15 large medic packs.
2.Too many invisible walls. Come on, there just TOO MANY, sometimes i got stuck in some invisible walls, other thimes i got Lara into some really weared positions beacuse of them. PLEASE just let the hard solid walls have a part in this game (ill write more about this later)
3.Croft Manor. It's good BUT ... i wish that beside playin it like a level i could just return there for fun, havin already the pistols and the graple, havin the pool filled with water and having some DAY time. Too much darkness, to much night. I want to see the sun shining, or even some clouds, some rain, anything but night :p .
4.The camera has lots of bugs. Or if those arent bugs than simply the camera is bad. A lot of times i jumped hoping there was a pole or something the way i jumped cause i couldnt get the camera to show me whats there. And some a lot of other times, i couldnt do some moves, or jumps or other things because of the camera
5.This is not to important. The acrobatics. I still dont get why u cant make those acrobatic moves just by presing the jump button. And when she does those moves she heads right\left. Please fix that.
6.There were still some hints. I dunno if i should count the jurnal, i looked sometimes to see what its written there and got some BIG hints, I know i shouldnt have looked :p but i couldnt stop myself, beside this the BLUE SIGN that shows u can use the graple, it should be included in the stuff is disabled when u disable hints.
7.When shes on a thight pole and she is about to fall, it would be nicer if u can help her with the arrows, not just by pressing E (its too easy and boring)

Best parts:
1.The grab button.
2.Very long game.
3.Cut scenes.(even those with interactive buttons)
4.The atmosphere.
5.Harder puzzles.
7.All the art objects.All the sculptures.All the paintings.All that had to do with a civilization (greeks, egiptian, "peru", atlantis)
And many others :D

Wishlist for next TR:
1.Interacting with the wals (like in old TR)
2.No more invisible walls.
3.Keep on the great athmosphere\sounds\music, puzzles and a great story
4.Better mansion
5.Harder game
6.Earlyer released DEMO :p

Thats all i have to say for now :p but i could go on forever.
BTW: i really love that "torso" the giant mutant (boss). I think hes cute :p :D