View Full Version : st francis

8th Jun 2007, 06:31
i just arrived at st francis. Then I jumped up to above. then you must shoot lights on at the wall. But after that I must keep shooting at the lights very much and nothing happened. Must I keep shooting or what?

8th Jun 2007, 06:57
Go to the left.

P.S don't forget to reset the light's.

8th Jun 2007, 06:57
There are pillars in the middle of the room that you can climb on. If you look to the left and right of the room above you there are 2 rooms you can get to with ledges you can jump to from the pillars.
It is very important you go to these places.
I dont want to give too much away but you will see what the bit where the lights you shoot mean when you go into the rooms.

8th Jun 2007, 06:59
If you need really good help then you should go here:http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tombraideranniversary/walkthrough/index.html

But only use it in emergency.

P.S i only use to find artifacts and relics.