View Full Version : How do I take screenshots?

7th Jun 2007, 20:13
Alright, I did a search on the forums.

I went through the manual.

I searched on the Internet.

How do I take a screenshot (without having to switch windows and go to MS Paint, paste, save as JPG)?

7th Jun 2007, 20:20
I use fraps. You can use it to take screenshots for free.

7th Jun 2007, 20:25
Yeah I also use FRAPS it's pretty good.

7th Jun 2007, 20:26
I press "Print Screen/Sys Req" then quit the game and paste it into Paintshop Pro, but yeah Fraps is probably the best way.

7th Jun 2007, 21:35
I see, thanks.

Odd that the development team would have left out this feature, I know it existed in previous versions.