View Full Version : MISC. Nov 7th Test Notes

9th Nov 2013, 15:23
So not much to say here, but I haven't seen anyone post about it so I wanted to at least say everything went really well. I had zero lag issues and the servers were available consistently after the patch.

The only thing that happened was that the lobby after a game didn't fill back up, we all had to leave. This happened once out of 3-4 games. I unfortunately deleted my logs for the evening the ones I made myself.

The other issue I had were crashes after the game, this happened in all but one of my games. While we were being sent back to the lobby from the game I crashed every single time.

I looked for the logs but I can't find any under steamapps/nosgoth/BCMPGame or anywhere else in the nosgoth folders.

PS: I wanted to blame all my bugs on Greg :poke:. Thanks.