View Full Version : Crash

7th Jun 2007, 19:37
I have been playing this game for quite a long time. I was in a little bit of hurry, so i just pressed ALT+F4 to quit the game. I did this and the game closed. But then i tried to launch the game and i would not launch. Nothing happens. No error nothing. I tried everything restart, reinstall. And still the same problem. I even tried changing the resolution from outside and still didnt work. I had to reintall windows xp to make it work. I had the same problem again I saved my mission and then tried to go into load game option and then it just crashed. And now i dosnt work. :mad2:

7th Jun 2007, 22:33
well the kinda the same thing happened to me. i was acually playing the demo and and it was working great then my mom called me up to get off the computer. so i shut it down. then i found out i had to move the computer up stairs into my room. so we did that then i was tryin to start it up and i launched it and it went on to the loading screen and it doesnt even get a centimeter and it shuts the game off and there isnt any error or anything it just shuts the game down and idk why. i tried everything i could think of except for making our windows just xp 32 cas we have windows xp 64 bit and thats what we think is wrong. but i paid 30 sumthin bucks for that game and i need some support PLZZ!!!!!!! anyone:( :mad2: :confused: