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7th Jun 2007, 14:30
There was enough complaints about the storyline about Lara's mother in Legend. If Natla turned out to be Amanda's mother, do you have any idea what will happen?

During the final battle, Larson is going to make an unexpected return from the dead. Well not actually. He was left in a coma in Atlantis, but was rescued and nursed back to health in Sauda Arabia where he was treated as a Prince. He forgives Lara for shooting him, only because she was carrying his baby (but she suffered a miscarriage). Lara was already suffering from the guilt of believing she had killed him and that he was the father of her unborn child, so she wants to give him another chance in a relationship. But Larson, as much as he still loves Lara, cannot trust her and starts dating Lara's friend Anaya Imanu. In an act of jealousy, Lara tries to break them up with various schemes, but Larson and Anaya don't know she's behind them.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Natla recruit Sophia Leigh - apparently the reason they all hate Lara is NOT for foiling her plans, but because in thier mind Lara hates blondes. They feel Lara sees them as tramps, because of their haircolour, but they know in their minds who the real slut is. After digging up some dirt to expose Lara for the manipulative little B-word that she is, Amanda discovers a shocking secret - Lara had an affair with JAMES RUTLAND. In an act of revenge, Amanda foils up a plan - she, Natla and Sophia kidnap Lara dressed as clowns, and lock her in a basement.

Meanwhile Winston Smith discovers he is suffering from cancer, and Von Croy has a brain tumour. They are on death's bed. In other new, Larson is called off for a job for R.X. Tech, so Anaya is alone. Lara manages to escape from the basement when a cyclone hits town. Back at home, Winston and Von Croy make a MIRACULOUS recovery while Anaya gets cosy with Kurtis Trent.

Later Lara plans to hosts a grand party at her manor. All the Tomb Raider cast is invited even though half the people hate Lara. There is 3 weeks of build up - many secrets will be exposed at this party. Some breaking news hits our heroes - Marco Bartoli was thrown off a bridge in Africa and is presumed dead. Anaya also turns out to be pregnant - but who is the father? The final cutscene for the level prior to the party features a close up of each character talking to themselves with lines such as "finally I will be rid of ___ once and for all" and "finally that little ___ will pay!" and "I will be with ___, it is destiny. I know we will be together".

The big night arrives - Alister Fletcher comes out of the closet, Takamoto exposes Anaya and Kurtis's affair - so Larson dumps her and goes back to Lara while Anaya and Kurtis become a couple. Dr Willard is also suspecting of altering Von Croy's medical records, Janice is revealled to be sleeping with Eckhardt for his money, so she gets kicked back to the sidewalk. Pierre makes a surprise appearance - everyone thought he was dead, but he is back baby! Amanda continues to become more and more deranged to the point of being a serial killer and attempts to murder Lara for sleeping with Rutland, also Lara and Larson conceive another baby, but not after Richard Croft is revealled to NOT Lara's biologicial father. It is actually Larson's father. :eek:

But the biggest surprise comes when Lud**** is found lying on the ground dead. Apparently everyone had a motive - WHO KILLED THOMAS LUD****. This storyline drags on for several sequels, until it turns out he died from choking on a chicken bone. Natla, Sophia and Amanda continue to plot against Lara, but their plans are foiled by Margot Carvier - apparently she is a witch and the demons in her basement don't want them to succeed - because one way or another someone is going to leave this rivalry with a smile, and the demons from Hell want to bring mayhem and misery to EVERYONE - good and bad. Croft Manor ends up getting sucked into Hell and Winston gets possessed. The TR cast gather around and perform a cheesey exorcism. Bad news hits Anaya when she realizes Kurtis is torn between her and Alister, except Alister is already dating Gunderson. She is heart broken and decides to get an abortion, and leaves everyone thinking that the baby is dead from an accident, but her dirty secret comes out.

Natla plans to backstab Sophia because she discovers she's not a natural blonde, but Sophia is already one step ahead when she learns Natla is NOT Amanda's mother. Secretly she leaks the true paternity tests that were hidden by Willard to the tabloids - this story becomes a FRONT PAGE HEADLINE. Amanda is pissed, so she hits Natla with a car. But Zip was last seen in an argument with Natla, and with his previous criminal record everyone suspects he is Natla's killer. All Zip's friends visit him in jail and try to do everything to prove his innocence, but the evidence is looking very bad on his end. Just as he is about to be convicted guilty, Amanda confesses everything because she is still in love with him. Even though Zip was going to spend about 20 years in jail, Amanda only stays a week before being granted bail thanks to a contradictory law system that only seems to punish the innocent.

Lara gives birth to her first baby - but because it's a product of two siblings, she and Larson throw the baby off a bridge. Bernard, the ex janitor of the Le Serpent Rouge finds the baby washes ashore. Pulling out a damp pizza box from the trashcan to keep the child warm, he goes to the Cafe Metro - which happens to also be an internet cafe - and sells the baby on Amazon. The Cabal make sure the authorities don't find out.

In the final game, it turns out all of this was just the imagination of Lara writing her romance novels, and the entire TR cast is really one big incestious family. Margot Carvier Croft gets into a fued with Stephanie Forrester when the two debate how each others families continue to go "up and down" the family tree. As a result the two families get into a giant legal battle - if the Forresters win, they keep the Croft Estates. If the Crofts win, they keep Forrester Creations - the family's fashion industry.

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9th Jun 2007, 03:14
I dont think lara has time for kids anyway - and i dont see her making one

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*zips mouth firmly shut*


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awesome post had me laughing the entire time. love your sig picture too! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: