View Full Version : I need help with the controls.

Agent Guile
7th Jun 2007, 12:18
Well, not really a TR noob but a TRA noob.

Help me clear out some things.

I've already changed the configuration of the keyboards (but not necessarily deleting the default keys since I dunno how to do it, e.g., My G, SPACE and Q buttons have the same functions. Although the most comfortable button for me in this case is SPACE, I dunno how to delete G and Q)

As far as my understanding goes....

Combat Mode (Manual) - Lara faces a direction as directed by the direction buttons.

Combat Mode (Advanced Toggle) - Lara permanently draws her gun and faces a fixed direction and a target regardless of how you move her. By the way, can the aim be toggled when you have multiple enemies in this mode?

Combat Mode (Advanced Hold) - uhmmm....what exactly is this? I know TRL has it too but I already forgot.

Adrenaline Dodge - Can be exectuted if you peformed a roll (in any direction) while the enemy is enraged, although you have to wait for the direction icon to appear first.

Headshot - Should this be accompanied by the adrenaline dodge or can lara just stand in a fixed position and head shot an enemy while he's enraged? Or can a headshot be executed regardless if the enemy is enraged or not?