View Full Version : Can't start level 4 (xbox 360)

7th Jun 2007, 02:30
After beating the boss on level 3 , a window appears and asks me to either "save content" or "quit". And of course i save but it takes me back to the same window. and if i quit it takes me to the main menu. I've had this game for about a week now and i REALLY want to continue. So if there's anyone out there that can help me PLEASE DO !!! and thanx:thumbsup: ------Bio

7th Jun 2007, 15:11
Are you replaying the level? Those are the options you get when you replay any level. If that's the case, just quit and select continue/resume option on the main menu. (Load game, not level.)

7th Jun 2007, 19:54
I did replay the level, but I thought maybe I had to because when I am at the main menu and try to load the game it goes back to the previous country. And I have already finished that one as well. Am I still doing something wrong? Thanks.

7th Jun 2007, 22:28
OOOPPPPS:nut: i didn't know i was already in Ghana and thought it brought me to the first level instead. And overlooked the bars,outside,on the ledge after you get chased by a huge ball. but i am now ,at the moment, fighting the boss on that stage. thanx for trying to help.

9th Jun 2007, 01:26
LOL - glad you sorted it out. :thumbsup: Have fun.