View Full Version : I hate were i live!!

7th Jun 2007, 01:46
Ok....I live in a small town on the west coast were we only have one store that sells video games(Walmart). I found out that walmart doesnt get there new games until a couple days later! Plus!!! They dont have a clue to what they know about the games that come out!! They have a sign that says"Coming soon" and there it said tombraider anniversary!!BUT!! It says coming soon june 1st!!! June 1st!!!! It doesnt come out the first! It comes out the 5th/6th!!! I really want this game!! I understand it not coming until the 6th....but when they tell me to call later this week , i dont think i can take it anylonger! I have to go to my brothers graduation tomorrow and will be hoping that after i get home...i will call and get a response saying they have it....cause if they dont....im walking to the next town! To anybody else that hasnt got the game yet-Im sorry,i feel your pain!:(

7th Jun 2007, 01:48
life sucks then you die