View Full Version : Stuck again

6th Jun 2007, 21:44
Its not a cheat that's holding me back, this time I pulled the lever to flood the Cistern then I jump in the water, the crocodiles come for me, but as soon as I turn to jump they turn away, and everywhere else is to high to jump out, so please tell me the trick, don't slate me . LOL


even if I let them get me, as soon as I touch the bridge they clear off.


Notts Raider
6th Jun 2007, 22:11
They can be shot but you have to lower the water level and get close. what most people used to do was to entice them to the bank and shoot the crap out of them, in this game, you cant do that so you have to either do the level with them or get to point where you can shoot them' Logic dictates that removing all the water from the room makes then more vulnerable to being shot> this might be so, but swimming around while there's some hungry crocs after you does kinda throw you off some serious exploration> My first order of business in here is to take out the crocs. You can take them out from the top level but it takes some major precision aiming and persistence.

Relic Hunter
6th Jun 2007, 22:24
You need to un flood the cistern, then go back to the part where you entered and on the right side you should see a metal bar to swing from. Follow the route jumping from ledge to ledge and so on. You should eventually make it to a part where u can push a block of the ledge. Make your way to the bottom and un flood the rest of the water. Then push both blocks on each pressure pad thingies. Refill the water then grapple the floating wooden thing to the part where the gate was lowered. Climb back to the top. Then flood the remaining water back into the cistern. The rest should be straight forward from then.

6th Jun 2007, 23:01
I believe I also shot the crocs with the highest water level. Jump in, let them get close, jump out, quickly switch to manual aim, and blast them. Repeat several times. IIRC, you can actually hit them even when the crosshair isn't red.