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6th Jun 2007, 21:19
I dont like the fact that you cant save levels that you replay, basicly if you want to save the game just before the boss fight (like me) you HAVE to do it on the first playthrough I didnt save the torso boss fight so now I have to either play through the Pyramid again and not be able to save it (lol not! going to happen) or I have to go back and go through the whole of Egypt to the great pyramid, play through it again and save it then (not bloody likley anytime soon) not very convenient is it? I want to fight the torso boss again but I sure as hell dont want to go through Egypt again!

sort it out in the next one Eidos!

well at least I have saved the t rex, the centours and Natla:D 3 out of 4 aint bad

7th Jun 2007, 07:14
Sort what out :confused: All the games are the same even if someone else makes them, it is up to you to save the game if you want to replay that section, cannot expect the developers to be mind readers.