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6th Jun 2007, 17:48
hi people, i'm Paul, just found the forum. Just bought a PS2 and got tomb raider anniversary.

Although i'm a fan of tomb raider and always will be there is one question that actually my mate wants answered ( pc aint set up yet)

Why aint anniversary out for the 360 ,when legend was? because he wants it.

i love the fact that they have redone the first game and its quite funny that i was saying to my mate him weeks before the game come out " i bet now they will be redoing/ reissuing the older games out of more modern consoles, and what do ya know. I might as well be a part time games clarvoyant,lol.

i'm gonna get a 360 evetually, just a matter of money, but i'm suprised the 360 version is not out, cos legend is stunning on the console, he's got it

i'm gonna come on here more often, catch up on news, now i know where it is

Notts Raider
6th Jun 2007, 17:52
I'm sure you'll be on here more hoping you can find some answers to some of the more intriguing problems most have in the game http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/1487/wave11cqdv7.gif

6th Jun 2007, 18:59
im not sure why it isnt out for the 360, maybe because its not sort of like the next in the series its more o a special treat for the anniversary while we wait for the next one, i was wondering wether they will do more remakes if this one does well, because i think 2, maria doria level and monestary would look amazing. 3 is my fave game but i cant see them remaking that one - although i would love them to.
aint it funny how you think of things and they so randomly happen, i do that alot - but i have psychic tendencies im inot that stuff, lol.
i have legend for the 360 and it is gorgeous, one gripe i have about it for the ps2 is the controller, its so uncomfy, you really have to strech with my little lady hands to get to the analog bits, bloody hurts!
i also think you should be able to hold down R1 to carry on shppting, not just keep pressing it.
hope to see ya arounddd

6th Jun 2007, 22:01
yeah i didnt think about it being a special, probably thats the reason for not a 360 release

no doubt they will do a serious redoing all the other games, i think i'm gonna go outin front ( like in an army parade), that they will. If they have done it once, they will catch on and do another, then another.

juts have to wait and see, but i'm just glad they continued releasing tomb raiders. i did have legend on the gc, but got rdi of is to get anniversary, but gonna get it back when i go round carboot cos i'm collecting classics at the moment, cos their cheep ( check out your local gamestation)