View Full Version : Help on ST Frances finding last key water room

6th Jun 2007, 17:21
i need help on the water room for the last key. am at the top of the rom i see the key with the gates closed. How can i open that gate i tried everything looked every where cant seem to find a switch or something.

HELP ME:mad2:

ST FRANCES FOUND 3 keys need the last one in the water room

Notts Raider
6th Jun 2007, 17:37
theres a wooden platform that needs moving to the top of the room, if youhave already released it and its stuck under a walk way, try lowering the water level so you can grapple it and move it

6th Jun 2007, 18:07
That took me ages to get right so make sure you have it in the right place.

7th Jun 2007, 09:38
You need to get the block and push it to the spout on the fish statue to lower the water level. Then grapple the Wooden thing so its under the ledge above you. Then raise the water level again to get up.

sorry if i didnt make much sense.:scratch: