View Full Version : My 4 store mission to get TRA in the U.S.

6th Jun 2007, 17:12
O.k. having beaten it for the P.C., and being the TR fan I am, I just had to get it for PS2 (also because I want the rumble feature and tighter controls)

I live in New Jersey. So I see in the best buy ad they have it for 19.99.. I head over there around 12PM and see it's not on the shelves. I ask one of the workers, he checks the computer and it says they have 12. So i ask him to go in back and see for me. Almost 20 min. later he comes back and says he doesn't see them.

Since I'm on lunch break I dart across the street to Target, where the guy tells me they don't have it yet but should soon.

I shoot over to Toys R Us where I see two very obese gentleman slobbering over some kind of conversation, I think it was D&D. After asking them if TRA is in, they look at each other like I just asked them the square root of 5,679,453 and then just say "no."

So finally I am forced to go where I don't want to, the store I hate the most. Gamestop. Where of course they are flowing with them like the river nile. I ask the guy if they match other stores prices. Of course they don't. (hell they sell their used games for more then their new look here:

So I give in and buy it for 29.99 (which is still unbelieveable compared to most ps2 games at 49.99) I am then given a speach, as usual, about reserving about 6 games I could give to $hits about.

I finally make it out of the store with TRA, a game I have already played and beaten, yet went through so much for.

That rumble better be worth it!

6th Jun 2007, 18:12
O.k. having beaten it for the P.C ...
How exactly did you do that?

6th Jun 2007, 18:19
WTF??!!?? Used games arenĀ“t cheaper than new ones?? Are those guys joking on peoples face??

6th Jun 2007, 18:19
How exactly did you do that?
I couldnt wait and ordered overseas online :D

6th Jun 2007, 19:52
Perhaps the guy at bestbuy wasn't lying about the tweleve copys and when he went in the back he ran into two gamestop ninjas and was fighting them off because they had come to get the game. So he got beat up and the ninjas made him swear not to tell you what just happend because no one would believe him anyway. Did if have any bruises or cuts when he came back out?:lol:

6th Jun 2007, 19:59
I couldnt wait and ordered overseas online :D

Unless a bill is passed preventing imports, he's well within legal boundaries of doing this.

Which reminds me, I better hurry up and get my copy of Darkstalkers before it goes up on ebay.

6th Jun 2007, 21:45
I will never visit GameStop ever again. They told me that there was going to be a pre-order bonus just so I would place a reserve.

And then they don't even get the game in on time. Very displeased, and I feel sorry that you had to resort to them.

I hope things will be easier with future TR releases. I'm spent from today...

7th Jun 2007, 00:19
If they don't have it, then you should put the blame on shipping instead of giving the clerks a hard time. Now if they cancel your pre-order and keep the $5 to hold it, they just committed fraud and that's where you have the right to report them.