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6th Jun 2007, 14:19
I too cannot get the grappling hook to work. I am using a pc. I am the very beginning of the game and cannot get the hook to work. Is it where I am standing. I jump then hit q, the grappling hook goes but does not catch. Please help.


6th Jun 2007, 14:25
first of all this may be simple but make sure that when you are jumping, that you are actually jumping towards the grapple ring

secondly you should be generally near the grapple ring, also quite simple but still important

the main thing is that when there is an opportunity to grapple, the weird blue ring will come up over the grapple ring, showing you can grapple them

errrrrm im all out of ideas :scratch:

also make sure you are not grappling too early or too late

6th Jun 2007, 14:27
Can you see blue icon on the ring from the spot you are about to jump from?

6th Jun 2007, 14:46
Can you see blue icon on the ring from the spot you are about to jump from?

yes. The grappling hook tries to latch on but just wont stick. When i jump i end up jumping off the rock.

Notts Raider
6th Jun 2007, 16:16
Basically the moves are, run, jump, grapple, if the blue grapple icon is there and you are in range, Lara's grapple should connect.

6th Jun 2007, 21:45
Hi I'm having the same problems with this grapple as I indicated in another thread ..........very frustrating after so many tries to do it !!!!

I will just need to " Grapple " on !!!!!

10th Jul 2007, 12:10
I'm stuck in the Obelisk-of-Khamoon-level, in the room where you have to stand on the rising pillar. At the top of that room you have to use the wallrun with the grapple-hook. I came this far in the game, using the wall-run at a lot of places. But here it doesn't seem te work. She jumps, I use the grapple, swing (walkrun) to the opposite wall with a high ledge, she jumps at the end, and falls to her dead. What do I do wrong???

Tomb Radar
10th Jul 2007, 12:53
Either tap interact while you wall-run, or swing back and forth to build up momentum. :)

10th Jul 2007, 15:29
Also, don't be afraid to adjust the length of the rope. And HOLD Jump instead of just pressing it.