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Temp link use this if you report a bug will add it somewhere in FAQ later.

This topic has been created to inform new testers of the questions that has been posted throughout the Alpha and beta tests.
Normally a FAQ is set up when a questions is asked multiple times. This topic will not only take these questions into the topic but also questions that might arise later on.
I cannot and won't take any credits for building this topic. All credits go to the full community that ask questions, answers questions or write topics that can clear things up.
This topic is only meant as a first line information source. If your question is not answered properly or is still unclear, you can post your question in a topic.
If you got a question you can also send it to me by pm and I will put it in.
If you don't have an answer yet, the answer part will be blank. When there is an answer it will be filled in a.s.a.p.
If you are willing to help creating this FAQ please send me a PM, I could use all the help I can get.

Update list
General questions
Maps related questions
Class related questions
Weapons/Abilities related questions
Perk related questions
UI/HUD related questions
Store related questions
Other questions
Other game modes
Patch notes questions

23rd Nov 2013, 15:52
Stuck it to save you from having to bump it. Plus, it's info that should be always available for people :thumb:

23rd Feb 2014, 17:32
UPDATESUpdate list

23rd Feb 2014, 17:36
GENERALGeneral questions

1. What game genre is Nosgoth?
Nosgoth is a competitive online multiplayer 3th person game, and thus there is no open world or a first person camera possibility.

2. Is there a single player mode in nosgoth?
At this time there is no single player, nor a tutorial in the game. The developers stated that they will create a tutorial for NOSGOTH and because there is no single player mode the game is always multiplayer (Internet)

3. Is NOSGOTH able to be played as a mobile game or on next gen consoles?
Nosgoth is not a mobile game and it will take to much time to create it this way. For now NOSGOTH will only be able to be played on PC (Personal Computer)

4. Is there a specific date for Open Beta and/or Release?
As far as the community knows there is not a known date for either of those two. But because Closed Alpha has taken up around five months we can speculate that Closed beta will also take up five months.

5. Will this game have controller input support?? Or will it rely only on keyboard input?
NOSGOTH will have game pad/controller support, but right now only mouse and keyboard are supported.

6. Is there a training mode or tutorial in the game?
Even thought a different FAQ (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=7282) states that a training mode is not necessary, the Alpha community showed that a tutorial is needed for new players to join the game. This because of the difference in skill. So as stated in question 2. There will be a tutorial.

7. Will Nosgoth have some achievements?
NOSGOTH will have achievements, when they are released is not sure yet.

8. Can we expect good graphics?
NOSGOTH will have decent to good graphics. Until now lots of 32 bit computers where not able to run the game, because of the calculating power the game needs. They are looking for a option to even set the quality of graphics lower then the lowest setting now, This being said they don’t want to give low quality player the upper hand in the game.

9. Can we play with vampires?
Yes you can play with the vampires, better yet every game you play one round with humans and one round with vampires.

10. Will we see some locations that have been mentioned in other games but never seen?

11. How far can we customize our characters
Every player can have a basic customization from weapons and skills. You can create two loadouts for fast change but you can even change these loadouts in the middle of the game (When you died).

Next to that you are able to buy custom skins as a real value item.
Until now you are not able to change colour or anything.

12. You say real value items are there any other items that are real value?
You can get chest keys for ruins (the real value currency) which opens chests. These chests can contain some special weapons.

13. Special weapons? So this game will be pay 2 win?

How did they design the special weapons then? And how do they work
Corey has shown us how the special weapons will work. And here is the thing he said:

This isn't a final design but an example so you can feed back on. Nothing about this idea is locked, it's just a sample of one system being considered.

Say you have this item:
Rare Repeater Crossbow
+2% Clip Size
-2% Accuracy
Visual FX: Icy Shots
Charge: 7 days / 7 days

You use said crossbow for 7 days and it depletes over time. When it hits zero, it now looks like this:
Rare Repeater Crossbow
+2% Clip Size
-2% Accuracy
Visual FX: Icy Shots
Charge: 0 days / 7 days

It still functions as a Repeater Crossbow, but any positive/negative stat mods and Visual FX are disabled until it is recharged for Gold or Runestones.

Also consider being able to make it permanent using runestones so you never have to recharge it again. I suppose how palatable that is depends entirely on how such an option is priced. I don't have final say on pricing - ultimately this is Square's game and business - but comments certainly will be read by the people making final decisions.

14. Will there be levels in this game and if so how does that work in this genre?[/i]
There will indeed be a level system, for every game you play you get an X amount of experience towards your characters you played and towards your total level.
The levels gained will give you bonuses like extra gold, maybe a item to use for 7 days and sometimes an Item Unlock although the item unlock is not 100% sure yet, because there can be a disadvantage in the game. (lvl 14 vs lvl 15, where lvl 15 has a good skills unlocked and lvl 14 did not etc.)

15. Does NOSGOTH have any official social media?
Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NosgothOfficial), Twitter (https://twitter.com/nosgoth), Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/nosgoth), Twitch (http://www.twitch.tv/nosgoth)

16. How long have you been playing and why is your account named “CommunityEditors”?
I think I have been second batch of Alpha players, what makes me from the September/Oktober batch. The account is called CommunityEditors cause us the community needed an account to post FAQ and other type of guides. It is owned by Hirukaru and Strike and these are the only two that post on this account. This does not mean every post is created by them. We are a community and that’s why this account exist.

23rd Feb 2014, 17:37
MAPSMap related

1. I play sentinel and I tried to fly somewhere but I just cannot get through?
Some maps have some strange invisible walls. (Please report these issues also)

2. Will all maps be around the same size?
For the time being yes, but when 5 vs 5 or more are balanced enough bigger maps might be created to support more players.

23rd Feb 2014, 17:44
CLASS Class related questions

1. I saw a player with a different skin, how did he get it?
In closed Alpha only members from Psyonix, Square-enix and QA where able to get new skins. From Closed Beta and forward you can buy ruins to buy a new skin.

2. From the above question you say there are more people with "special" skins how can I see if they are an admin or something els.
the Quality Assurance team is using the tag: VMC, the devs are using there forum names.


3. How do I get on a rooftop as a human?
There is a skill called Grappling hook for the scout, use that on a building and you will climb the building.
Other way is be dropped by a sentinel or slammed on by a reaver.

4. Some human characters have melee weapons, can we use those?
No these weapons cannot be used. Look at this topic for more information. (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=7845)


5. How do I climb with a vampire?
Press the freerun button <Default; Shift>

6. How do I fly with a vampire?
Only the sentinel can fly, press shift to climb up a ledge, jump off by holding shift and after jumping press the spacebar (Sometimes you have to press spacebar twice).

7. I play sentinel and I tried to fly somewhere but I could not get through.
Some maps have some strange invisible walls. (Please report these issues )

8. How do the distance attack from the reaver scale?
A: The attacks from the reaver are scaled by distance. The further away you are the more damage it will do. But you cannot do a one hit kill but can get damage up to like 850 or maybe higher.

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Forgot the 'GG' tags for the NA QA team.

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Forgot the 'GG' tags for the NA QA team.

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Find out what the abbreviations mean:
GG = Good Going/ Great Going/ Grunch Guru
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Weapons/Abilities related questions

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UI/HUD related questions

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Perk related questions

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Store related questions

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Other questions

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Other game modes

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Patch notes questions

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