View Full Version : I saw it on tv!

6th Jun 2007, 02:32
I just saw a tv commercial of tombraider anniversary!!! It was great!!! It also said in stores now.....im rather sad it didnt come out today...but im hoping that it will be on the shelf at walmart(im saying "hope" because the people at walmart dont have a clue to what they have in stock or not!!)I only have to survive 2 finals and then i get to check and see if they have it!!Yes!!!:D :nut:

6th Jun 2007, 03:45
what does it look like on tv lol

like what did she do on the preview? lol

i know!! wal-mart NEVER knows when their going to get ANYTHING!!! :mad2: :nut:

tomorrow is the big day~!!!!

but i hope it doesnt happen like last time when i went to get a game from gamestop the day it just came out and then it didnt arive yet and i had to drive ALL THE WAY BACK HOME!!!! lol

but i cant wait to PLAY!!! :D

6th Jun 2007, 04:38
OMG I SAW IT TOO!:D!!!! I only saw one of the two but you can easily see them and download them from here (credits to www.tombraiderchronicles.com) (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tombraideranniversary/movies.html):D

Plus the final trailer is released today, which I didn't watch..spoilers...