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5th Jun 2007, 21:56
Hi all I have played almost every Tomb raider game on the PC & enjoyed the lot. I have come across a problem for me in Anniversary which is in the initial stages of the game I have great difficulty with using the Grapple to swing over the void . The grapple does not stick to the metal ring & falls back most of the time to Lara & she goes over the edge . I managed it once & went on to the bit above the big wooden doors with the guide underneath & I cannot get the Grapple to work. Very frustrating .. Can anyone please tell me of the precise way of using the Grapple on the PC as help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ............

5th Jun 2007, 22:10
Hey Curlersareus.

Yeah I found the grapple to be a bit more temperamental in Anniversary than I did in Legand.

Make sure you are NOT:

1) Stading still on the ledge pressing the grapple
2) jumping on the spot and pressing grapple

I found the most effective way to grapple a hook (to Swing from) is to run and jump off the edge and either hit the grapple button at the Height of the jump or constantly smash the grapple button until she does it!

Either way, you must be lunging into the air with a full jump TOWARDS your grapple target. That's how i've mastered it.

(Plus it gives you a good swing momentum if you jump into it! :nut: )

5th Jun 2007, 22:12
For the ones where you have to wall walk, this would not work, but for the ones where you have to pull something with the grapple, I had some that it just would not stick to. I found going into manual aim mode with the guns, then using the grapple worked.

For wall walking or swinging, you just have to jump out there then use the grapple in time.

6th Jun 2007, 07:21
curlersareus, this isn't a technical problem, and you have a thread about this here:


Please use that.