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5th Jun 2007, 09:23
Seems Crystal have made an effort so I've decided to make an effort too. Anniversary arrived this morning and I've just installed it and it's loaded perfectly and is playing perfectly.

At the moment I'm having a wander around the mansion getting used to the controls. I'm an 80 Honour at America's Army so shouldn't have too much trouble getting my head round it. Looks like the Lara we knew and loved really did die in the pyramids but perhaps we can learn to love this little sister of hers.

Thanks guys and gals, it's looking good and I'm quietly excited about it :)

5th Jun 2007, 10:02
While I'm here, is there a shortcut key for taking ingame screenshots? :)

5th Jun 2007, 10:07
Not sure; I always use PrintScreen. Anyways, I find that a nice way to put it; that this is her little sister. With that in mind, I look forward to getting Anniversary.

5th Jun 2007, 11:23
While I'm here, is there a shortcut key for taking ingame screenshots? :)

George ~

After you take a screenshot of what you want as the pic using PrtScn (Print Screen) key, without ending your gameplay, pause it and hold down Alt, press Tab to return to the desktop. Open Windows Paint, click on the Crosshair(+) icon and move the mouse to the blank canvas. Hold down CTRL and press V to paste it into the canvas (or Right click on the mouse and select Paste) and save it somewhere that you can retrieve easily.

A tip: When you're taking screenshots this way, you can only take them one at a time. I am not exactly sure where the computer temporarily stores it until it's pasted in Paint so just keep in mind of this. Otherwise, when you press PrtScn button twice for example without pasting in Paint and saving the first one, it will be replaced by the second screenshot.

Hope this helps. :)

5th Jun 2007, 11:49
Yeah, thanks for the replies. I've downloaded Fraps and am using that despite my misgivings about the keylogger within it :eek: Never mind, it's taking loads of great screenshots. Just means I have to close Fraps and reboot the PC to make sure none of its hooks are still active :rolleyes:

5th Jun 2007, 19:16
Just finished Mountain Caves and must say this thing is Tomb Raider. The isolation, the exploration, the mystery, the atmosphere - it's got everything. Awesome stuff. Now all I have to do is learn to like these controls.