View Full Version : 6th artifact in St. Francis Folly [Spoilers]

5th Jun 2007, 05:07
I'm in the great big chasm area and i have 5/6 artifacts and the 4 keys. I found 1 artifact in each of the greek god's area and 1 in the main area. Anyone know where the 6th one is? and also, there's a target still available for me to shoot at even though I've already shot it and the cement slab already protrudes from the wall. shooting the target more doesn't do anything. I'm thinking it's a glitch unless its somehow involved in finding the 6th artifact?

All help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

5th Jun 2007, 07:56
The 6th one (or the 1st one) is the beginning of the level where you need roll golden ball. I believe you you need to shoot that fresco to get to it.

5th Jun 2007, 08:01
The "main area" does help much... does that mean the main area with the four rooms, or back at the start with the pillars?

5th Jun 2007, 09:28
Back at the start with the pillars, remember the puzzle where you had to shoot out the lights on the mural? A combination of lights will open a gate containing the artifact.

5th Jun 2007, 21:40
I seem to be stuck here too, i am in the first room with the big pillars, i have freed the golden ball and have shot the lights in the fresco to open the big door, now i am going for the artifact (first one) in the upper right hand side of the room as you look towards the gate that go on to the rest of the level but no combination of lights on/off seems to open the cage door.

do i need the ball on the pad ? the floor fresco seems to indicate no lights lit, but this doesnt work..

anyone ?

Martin C
5th Jun 2007, 21:45
You need to find the right light combo for the mechanism.

It's in the room where you have to place the golden ball the second time. As Robson and Jerome once sang - Up on The Roof ;)

Martin C x

5th Jun 2007, 22:11
Ahh, many thanks, i am 100% on all pickups so far and this one was baffling me !!

its taking ages mind. but its good......so good. i am seriously thinking about setting up the ps1 and playing TR original at the same time.just for comparisons.