View Full Version : Tomb of Qalopec *potential spoiler*

5th Jun 2007, 01:21
anyone noticed the number of artifacts in this stage, the level statistics show there are 2 but i have found 3 :eek:

do i win £5 :whistle:

5th Jun 2007, 05:08
I only found two in the level, care to post screenshots of where you found the 3?

5th Jun 2007, 08:28
sorry i cant post screenies at the moment and i cant remember where i actually picked them all up., i did take a screenshot of me holding 2 and about to pick up the third i can send if anyone wants to see.

now here's the thing i reloaded the level and it shows me with the 2 artifacts, and there is still 1 to pick up on the level. if i select to replay a level instead do i have to collect the artifacts again?

i remember picking 1 up when you take the right passageway, there is a pit with 2 poles, at the bottom of the pit there is 1. the second i remember is in the room with the switch where the floor collapses, when you get on the pole to jump for the switch, jump to the opening to the left there was 1 in here, the 3rd is where i took the screenshot i have, holding 2 and the 3rd is in front of me :scratch:

5th Jun 2007, 09:24
Do remember that sometimes when you pick up some "secret" supplies like a large medic pack in a secret place, it do play uot the artifact sound as well. SO far I only encounter such situation once, a large medic pack in Egypt, when I get there I thought I foudn 1 artifact but it's nothing but a large medic pack.

5th Jun 2007, 09:55
ok i understand that, but it says in the level statistics, artifacts 2/2 and there is an artifact there in front of me making a total of 3 :scratch: