View Full Version : Greece Tomb of Tihocan Help?

4th Jun 2007, 22:43
:) Hi everybody. I'm new on this forum and have been reading the many comments on here!

Anyway I'm nearly at the end of the level and frustratingly enough im stuck! :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:

I have managed to move the raft to the bottom of the temple thingy that I am supposed to go in. But I am damned if I can figure out how to reach up to grab the level does anyone out there know how I can finish this level. It has taken me ages to figure out how to move the raft so that I could get on the ledge! :whistle: Please help me I would be most greatful to you.

Many thanks!

I think I must be doing something wrong. I can move the raft to near the outer square but not inside it. How can I get the raft inside the square to be able to jump up onto the ledge... Sorry about this is was late at night while I was typing this!

4th Jun 2007, 23:25
Well if the raft is in the right area and you've raised the water level up to the maximum it should be a simple case of jumping up. You may need to manover it close enough though

Notts Raider
4th Jun 2007, 23:27
You can grapple it and pull it into place or if you have trouble doing that, shoot the bloody thing until it gets there.