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4th Jun 2007, 22:16
Well I think most people who have got the game will have at played through the story so I was wondering now that we have the story, do any of you guys think you know what will happen in Legends 2 since something important occured in Anniversary to merit the infamous quote "sometimes in order to understand your present you have to go back to your past"

There are several things that warrant discussion:

1. Natla says this is only one part of atlantis, i will find another. Does this mean that we may be back in atlantis in legends and that some of you (Can't remember who) who said atlantis is avalon may be right.
2. Natla says she can not die and in the end we buried her under some rubble (like Amanda who survived and shes human) and those Natla technolody boxes in Legend - Is she still alive?
3. Qualopec moved in his tomb, he aint dead will he return? Furthermore Tihocans sarcoffogas....sarc....coffin was empty. Where the hell is he?

Laura Croft
4th Jun 2007, 22:56
Oh god. I feel a very heated discussion following this. :rolleyes:
*hides and waits for fireworks*
This topic's been done to death. I'm not getting involved this time. :whistle:

4th Jun 2007, 23:09
Of course the topic has been discussed to death. But not this organized, I like how you summarized the points and I do believe there will be a connection after all Legend and Anniversary (Both Crystal Dynamics Games) take place in the same universe but a different one than the originals 1-5 and the angel of darkness. So there will be a connection as far as I'm concerned.

4th Jun 2007, 23:21
True, point 2 has been done to death but worth mentioning in light of the new information that can be intrepretted from the game. However point 3 is brand new since no-one has considered it yet since the three rulers were not s.thought to be immortal in TR1. I think squaring off against Qualopec and his mechalegs would be very cool.

On another note, please don't talk about universes its too final fantasy for me. It is the same universe, but lara has simply never addressed these issues because until AOD (She wasn't able to express emotion very well). And these are very personal quests she going on nowadays. Furthermore, if you read the books in the mansion some make reference to the other games. I remember mentions of the Dagger of Xian, the Maria Dora, and the meteorite fragment. Gonna listen to them all again later to see if i can recognise any more.