View Full Version : Obelisk of Khamoon bugs

4th Jun 2007, 21:11
Did anyone else come across the bugs obelisk of Khamoon where you cant jump on the poles? or was it just me

Relic Hunter
4th Jun 2007, 22:43
I had a problem of that level too. There’s a part where u slide down a slope, then have to jump on a pole, then jump on one of those things that moves down. Then you have to quickly jump up to grab a ledge above, but Lara wouldn't grab it. Even though I jumped higher than the ledge itself she still wouldn’t do it. It took me at least 30 times to finally get a hold of it. I switched manual grab off to see if it would make any difference but it didn't.

I noticed a same sort of problem in the folly trying to get into the sword room. Grappling the stone down, pulling the lever, then pushing the stone into the gap to hold up the gate. You have to grapple the stone down in such a way. If it doesn’t completely topple over u have to kill yourself to make it work.

There’s a glitch in Vilcabamba. Sometimes the wolves just stand still and not attack. I notched some textures flashing on certain structures. So many glitches I’ve come across.

Is it just me or does the maze in croft manor seem blurred?