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4th Jun 2007, 20:51

Sorry for my poor english, it's not my native language.

Well, i was very excited today when i bought Tomb Raider Anniversary in a store. I loved soooo much Tomb Raider Legend : Lara was very pretty, her face was very well designed and drawn, her eyes were very expressive.

I just installed TRA on my PC, and what a disappointment! Why did Eidos change her face? What a lack of expression! Her new "eyes" make me think about robots' ones.

I know it's not very important, and i'm sure this game is great, but am i the only one who doesn't like Lara's new face?? :(

4th Jun 2007, 20:53
Lol I actually like the younger look she has. And your English is great!:thumbsup:

Notts Raider
4th Jun 2007, 20:55
I actually thought Lara's face was much more animated, which gave her more depth and added greatly to the scenes.

4th Jun 2007, 21:01
I actually thought Lara's face was much more animated, which gave her more depth and added greatly to the scenes.
That was my observation too. She was great.

4th Jun 2007, 21:29
i to like laras new face i loved legend aswell

4th Jun 2007, 21:36
i like the new animated face of lara it's better than the original "square head":D as i call it.!

4th Jun 2007, 21:43
I love Lara's new face.

4th Jun 2007, 21:51
I'm sure tombraiderforums has a texture for Lara's Legend face. You should check there if you want to use it.

4th Jun 2007, 21:55
I already told this, the new Lara seems a porcelain dool, it´s just beautifull.

4th Jun 2007, 23:14
I love her Anniversary face. BUT CD CAN NO LONGER CHANGE HER FACE EVERY GAME! I do hope they don't keep changing her face every new game. IT will just be annoying. Lara Croft needs to be brought back down to earth and stay there for awhile. I don't think it's healthy to keep playing with her face model. So they need to choose between Legends and Anniversary's. Personally I loved them both especially anniversary and her braid was AWESOME!:)

4th Jun 2007, 23:28
This "New face" looks more like her, more than Legend and AOD ever did.. I think that they did a good job on trying to make LAra look like herself.

But that's just me.

4th Jun 2007, 23:57
I kind of expected a similar face like Legend's before looking at some screenshots and the first Anniversary trailer online. Why ? I don't know. I guess that's how I pictured her even though it was a remake of orignal TR. And probably another reason being the same team that made Legend made this so out of continuity the face would remain the same.

When the first trailer was released, I thought she looked plastic and thought that's how she'd look in the gameplay. (Take a look at LC pic above this forum if you don't know what I meant.) Having played the PC demo, I was a bit surprised they changed her face but knew the reason being obviously they had to create her looking "young." So my verdict was initially, I was disappointed with this face, but I'm over it now and like it.

Lara Croft Wanna Be
5th Jun 2007, 00:53
my sister said she looked Chinese.....

5th Jun 2007, 01:08
Is it just me who thinks she looks how she did in the 'flashback' scene in Legend? She has to look different than in Legend, she's 10 yrs younger. And I like her plait and the pony tail. Maybe they thought a plait was best for younger Lara but the pony for her older self?

But Rydell is Right. CD should keep her face as it is in Legend for Legend 2. Absolutely.

5th Jun 2007, 02:00
Chinese LC ? :lmao:

I didn't notice the braided ponytail until my 20th(?) time of playing the demo. :o :lol:

Rai004 ~ I think you're right; in Legend's Peru level, during the flashback gameplay she did look different but her eyes seemed less round(?) for some reason. Maybe it's just to show she meant serious business as a young archeologist.... or, you know, whatever. Let me replay and get back to you. :)

5th Jun 2007, 02:16
You know sometimes l wonder what people actually look at when playing Tomb Raider. Lara is wearing a bit less make-up, and is a bit younger, but she has not changed THAT much


5th Jun 2007, 02:41
You beat me to the punch ! :lol: I was about to do the same thing... post a comparison pic... Man I'm slow ! :o

To Aussie500 ~ You know some of us nitpick at practically every detail. ;)

ETA: Proof is in the picture. Not that much of a change seen.
I guess it's just that we're all so used to Legend Lara that Anniversary Lara at first glance seemed entirely different... :scratch:

5th Jun 2007, 11:02
I'd like to see a comparison shot of young (Peru flashback) Lara in Legend and Anniversary Lara. I'm sure she's the same, or nearly. If anyone has/can get one, that would be great. :)

5th Jun 2007, 17:04
I'm sure tombraiderforums has a texture for Lara's Legend face. You should check there if you want to use it.

Credit goes to jvjv on the tombraiderforums.com.

5th Jun 2007, 17:18
Wow ! She is MUCH MORE nice with these textures ! Thanks for the link :) I'm going to check it

5th Jun 2007, 17:50
sorry but i much prefer CD'S lara face than the 3 above :)

Btw is the top one suppose to be Keira Knightley???

5th Jun 2007, 17:52
I'm sure this has been posted, but this lara is the much younger version. She is 11 years younger. I too like the rounder faced lara from legend, and it will no doubt return with legend II.

Btw the scene with kold and kid where she gets emotional saying "get out of my way" was top notch!

5th Jun 2007, 18:05
actualy legend II has a completly new lara, and graphics system its gonna rock!

5th Jun 2007, 22:26
I think we should all be prepared to see a "different" lara with each game we'll see in the future. As technology improves, she will evolve to a more realistic look each time. Imagine if games soon become as real as real-life movies...we wouldn't want her looking the same as she did in Legend...she just wouldn't fit in even though she was absolutely stunning.

Frankly, I've never seen a "Lara face" I didn't like! She keeps getting more gorgeous with each release! :D

5th Jun 2007, 22:30
Frankly, I've never seen a "Lara face" I didn't like! She keeps getting more gorgeous with each release! :D

Yes, it's called digital cosmetic surgery. :lol: :lmao:

5th Jun 2007, 22:41
Her "new" face is fine. I would say.

6th Jun 2007, 02:08
I hate her new face. From some angles it looks ok, but most times, or at any distance it looks like Bride of Frankenstein Lara. I mean look at that Cromag brow and forehead. When I see this, I expect her to start making monkey noises!


6th Jun 2007, 03:50
omg! she gets to wear them shorts in anniversary!!?!!?!???? lol

i just think she looks good both ways but in anniversary they took her eye liner off lol

im a big fan of eye liner as u can see:rasp:

6th Jun 2007, 04:25
She does not wear those shorts in the game, someone has been modding one of the official outfits

6th Jun 2007, 05:15
Yeah, the pic is from someones skin mod. It just happened to be the first one I saw that showed the "ugly" face. Just about any of the in game shots from the front look like this, but I was too lazy to hunt for one in a particular outfit.

6th Jun 2007, 05:28
ohhhhh fudge!!!

i wanted to play in them shorts!! :'(

6th Jun 2007, 06:23
i think she looks as though her mouth is frowning each time she speaks and i dont like it, its odd. i preferred her face in legend.

6th Jun 2007, 07:21
Lara from TRL was beautyfull.She had the best face I've ever seen.
Now in TRA she looks very bad.
Give me TRL Lara back ! ! !

6th Jun 2007, 07:52
In TRL shes older And in TRA she's much younger.

6th Jun 2007, 08:13
In TRL Lara looks like she has 21 years old but in TRA she looks like cyborg.

6th Jun 2007, 10:28
She looks almost exactly the same as she did in the current gen Legend versions except she has her hair done differently, so that says a lot for the eye sight of some here :scratch: