View Full Version : stuck in Obelisk of Khamoon

4th Jun 2007, 19:27
In that part at the start where you have just gone past the first slamming doors, you go to the top of the room via the rising pillar, you go across the retracting platform to the next platform...and im stuck, where do you go from there? I cant see any realistic jumps or anywhere to go.

please help:scratch:

4th Jun 2007, 19:30
I think i know where you are, just from memory i think you can just jump straight onto the platform in the center of the room :scratch:

4th Jun 2007, 19:34
I have tried that a few times and have not made it. Is it one of those jumps you can ONLY just make by the skin of your teeth? I just wanted to be sure im not missing somthing obvious.

4th Jun 2007, 19:36
remember to hold down the jump button to make her jump further and also try jumping at the last minute, if there arent any other means of getting across then it will be just a straight jump from the ledge to the platform

4th Jun 2007, 19:40
ok thanks dude:thumbsup: