View Full Version : Which relics unlock which outfits??

4th Jun 2007, 19:05
I know that relics unlock outfits but I'm curious; which relics unlock which outfits??

4th Jun 2007, 19:09
The fist part is the name of the artifact the second bit is the Outfit and the last part is the level. :)

Killer whale mug- Legend- caves level
Kero mug- Classic- lost valley level
Athena Owl- Croft manor sport- midas level(spike room)
Griffin head-Golden lara - midas level(fire room)
Mummified cat-Camo-obelisk or temple of khamoon( cant remember)
Horus idol-Catsuit- sanc of the scion level
Cahlice of torment-Wetsuit- natla's mines level
Chalice of ?- Bacon lara- great pyramid level.

All 8 unlocks Natla :)

4th Jun 2007, 19:12
Thanks so much!!! Now I know which ones to get first :lol:

For some reason, I unlocked Legend outfit with the Kero Mug :confused: I know that you are supposed to unlock classic though from other threads; so not saying your wrong. weird though huh??

4th Jun 2007, 19:14
Im on PS2 though, maybe they jumbled it around a bit?

4th Jun 2007, 19:27
Possibly, I just unlocked the classic outfit with the killer whale mug :)